Bad Kreuznach – Wiesbaden

Direct rail connection
Train separation en route
  • Institution
  • Bad Kreuznach County
  • Location
  • Bad Kreuznach
  • Service
  • Dealing with an infrastructure bottleneck
  • Duration
  • 2018
Train separation en route

Every working day, numerous commuters travel from the Nahe-Hunsrück-region to the Rhine-Main metropolitan area. While Frankfurt and Mainz are relatively well connected by rail, this is not the case for Wiesbaden, capital of the federal state of Hesse across the Rhine. At the same time, there are long traffic jams on the highways.

For some time, the county administration in Bad Kreuznach had been seeking a direct connection to Wiesbaden. However, the rail infrastructure operator claimed this was not possible due to capacity constraints.

Based on knowledge of rail operating procedures and the infrastructure of the left Rhine mainline, Regiofuturi recommended to the county administration that they should contact the authority responsible for regional rail services to suggest a separation of units ahead of the junction to Wiesbaden. Thus, one unit proceeds on to Mainz and the other making its way to Wiesbaden. This solution was implemented at relatively short notice in December 2018 – albeit for one train a day only, due to lack of rolling stock.

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