SME Export Simplification

Dominican Republic
Streamlining the services of the one-stop-shop for exporters
  • Institution
  • Centro Dominicano De Promoción De Exportaciones (Cedopex)
  • Location
  • Santo Domingo
  • Service
  • Study
  • Duration
  • 2000
Study on further simplification of export procedures

This EU-funded project aimed at further simplifying procedures for smaller exporters in the Dominican Republic. For the assessment of export procedures, relevant documents were studied at Cedopex and discussed with the management of the Ventanilla Unica (V.U., a one-stop-shop provided mainly at international airports). The work done by V.U. staff was assessed. The bulk of the RegioFuturi’s work consisted of interviews with exporters in the Santo Domingo and Cibao regions, covering the main export regimes. These were substantiated by interviews with forwarders, shipping companies, consolidators, airlines, and the customs export department. Standardised questionnaires were used, which also allowed an identification of strengths and weaknesses of the companies and of the environment in which they operate. Recommendations included extending the service of filling the export documents (online) to the airports where the V.U. was operating. The system should be linked to customs and other authorities involved in the export process to streamline the process and simplify document handling. GTZ, Brussels office

Assessment / analysis

Project design

EU grant funds

Organisational development

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