Asia-Invest Programme

Mid-term evaluation
Mid-term evaluation of the EU-funded Asia-Invest Programme
  • Institution
  • European Commission
  • Location
  • Brussels
  • Service
  • Evaluation
  • Duration
  • 2001

The Asia-Invest programme provided support for initiatives designed to facilitate co-operation among EU and Asian companies and to promote cross-investments. The Asia-Invest instruments consisted of the Business Priming Fund, Asia-INTERPRISE and Asia-Partenariat, and the Asia Investment Facility. As a privileged partner of West Midlands Enterprise, RegioFuturi participated in the programme’s mid-term evaluation in 2001. We supported the drafting of structured questionnaires for interviews with businesses and chambers active in Asia, or interested in entering the market. RegioFuturi was assigned interviews with beneficiaries (companies and business chambers) in Germany, France and Italy and contributed to drafting the final report and recommendations for the remaining programme period. West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham (UK)

Assessment / analysis

Project design

EU grant funds

Organisational development

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