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Since 2017

Support to the NIPAC Office with the establishment of the National Investment Committee (NIC) Framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Team leader
(a) Strengthening NIC Technical Secretariat Capacities in guiding project promoters on successful applications under the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF)
(b) Updating the Single Project Pipeline in line with the IPA II sector approach and project maturity
(c) Establishing an IT system for managing projects under WBIF
Safege / Suez, EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2016 - 2017

Technical Assistance for IPA II – Support to preparations for IPA II. Project beneficiary is the NIPAC Secretariat - the Financial Co-operation Directorate of the Ministry for EU Affairs.
Team Leader (Feb 2016 – Jan 2017)
(a) Capacity building for IPA II: Training needs analysis, comprehensive training programme for NIPAC services and IPA II Lead Institutions, organisation of study tours and regional seminars;
(b) Support to NIPAC functions: Aligning the NIPAC Secretariat Manual with IPA II requirements (notably the programming and M&E parts); development of a streamlined evaluation and reporting system; development, establishment and maintenance of an online system for the utilisation of IPA II.
EY Belgium / Ministry for EU Affairs, Ankara

2012 - 2013

Support to IPA Component I Programming 2012-2013. Team Leader, strengthening capacities of the NIPAC office in performance of quality control of Project Indicative Fiches / Project Fiches and Sector Indicative Fiches / Sector Fiches (ao transport, justice). Elaboration of a checklist, hands-on work, mentoring, log frame workshops with SPOs and NIPAC staff on structuring and finalising sector and project fiches for two programming years (worth approx €100m). Training and procedural recommendations for the NIPAC office and the EU Delegation.
Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegowina, MDF Training and Consultancy, Ede (The Netherlands).

2010 - 2012

Institutional development and strategic support to the regional development agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije (covering six municipalities in the north-east of Montenegro) - capacity assessment of agency and municipal staff, support to municipalities with applications for EU grant funds, regional analysis and joint development of strategic focus, support with co-ordination, detailed design and implementation of a €1m Austrian Development Co-operation grant scheme, advice to the Ministry of Economy on the decentralisation strategy.
Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije; Berane and Kolašin, Montenegro (under Austrian Development Co-operation funding)


Team leader, technical assistance for programming of approx €80m under IPA 2009 Component 1 for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ao SME competitiveness / enterprise zones, credit guarantee scheme, major roads and railway upgrading projects, hydropower, statistics, economic planning. Project fiche writing guidelines, training on PF writing and log frames, hands-on support.
European Commission Delegation to BiH / Directorate for European Integration. Contractor: HTSPE / Euro-Trends


Preparation of IPA 2009 railway investment fiche, with EBRD and EIB co-financing. Training on logframe drafting, participative workshops, coaching and mentoring of the staff of the Railway Infrastructure Company of Montenegro (ŽICG).
European Commission Delegation to Montenegro. Contractor: UNDP


Support / training to seven line institutions on drafting logframes for IPA 2009 (Capacity Building Facility Project): National Emergency Service, National Fire Protection Service, Ministry of Health / Social Protection Dept, Agency for Medical Products and Devices, Croatian Blood Transfusion Service, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Culture, State Metrology Office. Services provided comprised training on PCM / logframe preparation, participative workshops, coaching & mentoring.
Croatian Central Office for Development and Co-ordination of EU Funds. Contractor: GTZ


Leader of a team of experts drafting the terms of reference for the IPA 2007 Project Preparation Facility (€6m); setting the ground for programming IPA components III & IV.
European Commission Delegation to the Republic of Serbia / Ministry of Finance, Republic of Serbia, Belgrade. Contractor: Atos-Origin

2006 - 2007

Public Administration Reform in Montenegro - Capacity Building Project. Support to the Human Resources Management Agency and Line Ministries. Logframe training and project fiche development for IPA 2007 in the context of IPA multi-annual programming; assistance to the Secretariat for European Integration (SEI) with CBC implementation structures.
Human Resources Management Agency, Podgorica, Montenegro. Contractor: Eurecna

2004 - 2008

Inter-regional Co-operation Support Programme, Serbia and Montenegro. Leader of a team of long and short-term experts to establish a Programme Co-ordination and Management Unit (PCMU) for the Neighbourhood Programmes of Serbia and Montenegro. Assistance with the preparation and implementation of programmes with Hungary (Interreg), Romania (Phare CBC), Bulgaria (Phare CBC) and Italy (Interreg) as well as the transnational CADSES programme (Interreg). All programmes were run as grant schemes. Issues covered include commenting draft Joint Programming Documents and Programme Complements (Interreg), Project Fiches (Phare), application forms and guidelines for applicants; assisting with the transfer of ongoing programmes from CBC to the new Neighbourhood joint management principles, preparing meetings of the joint structures. Information campaign, training of local experts and workshops for applicants. Support with programme implementation and monitoring. Initial support available under CARDS 2004 approx. €6.5m, over 90% contracted.

Having shown good results, the project was extended by one and a half years to support the transition to IPA-CBC programmes which are implemented either by shared management (with EU members) or centralised / de-centralised (among IPA countries). New programmes were developed with Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, existing ones were updated and transformed in the light of the new IPA Implementing Regulation. In this context, the PCMU was given hands-on help in the intricacies of programme management structures, procedures (including first level control and audit arrangements), eligibility criteria, drafting programme documents and memoranda of understanding (MoUs). A questionnaire-based weighted SWOT was carried out in the eligible regions, discussed with stakeholders and programme strategies agreed. From two staff at project start, the Ministry of Finance had increased CBC staffing to 24 (including joint technical secretariats and antennae) by project end; all of these had been thoroughly trained and mentored by the technical assistance team. EAR described this as one of the best projects in the region, and Commissioner Danuta Hübner praised Serbian performance in implementing CBC programmes at a conference in Budapest.
Ministry of Finance (project started with the former Ministry for International Economic Relations), Republic of Serbia, Belgrade; Contractor: ÖIR Managementdienste, Vienna

2003 - 2004

Annual programming Phare 2004 and multi-annual programming Phare 2004-2006, Romania. Leader of a team of long and short-term experts supporting the Ministry of Public Finance, Bucharest. Adapatation of the Phare programming procedure to the multi-annual approach of the structural funds: Drafting of the multi-annual programming documents in the fields of agriculture, public administration and finance, minorities, environment, justice and border management. Furthermore, elaboration of the annual projects and the annual elements of the multi-annual projects for funding under Phare 2004. Along with the responsible Romanian director, final negotiations of the draft financing memorandum with DG Enlargement, signature of the Financing Memorandum in December 2004 (405 M€). Overall indicative budget of the multi-annual programmes: 1,240 M€.
Ministry of Public Finance, Bucharest; West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham


Multi-annual programming: Development of a framework for a strategic programme approach to Phare for the period 2004-2006. Strategy (programming document), methodology and tools to prioritise pre-accession funds (including selection criteria) and to align the Phare programming cycle with the multi-annual approach for Structural Funds. Amount 920 M€, of which 650 M€ Phare, document approved by the Phare Management Committee in December 2003.
Ministry of Finance of Bulgaria, Sofia; West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham


Workshop on transition from Phare-CBC to Interreg III A
Euroregions Téšinske Slezsko and Glacencis (Czech Republic)


Co-operation project of "First Class Industrial Parks" in Sweden, Germany, Estonia and Latvia.
  • Establishment of contacts between former military airbases,
  • Concept for a networking project,
  • identification of funding opportunities and application for EU funds, funding from Interreg III B approved.
Söderhamns Komun • Projekt Flygstaden (Sweden);
with support from the Ministry of the Interior, Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz (Germany)


Participation in the international seminar on implementing Structural Funds, Bled/Slovenia

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