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2016 - 2017

Technical Assistance for IPA II – Support to preparations for IPA II. Project beneficiary is the NIPAC Secretariat - the Financial Co-operation Directorate of the Ministry for EU Affairs.
Team Leader (Feb 2016 – Jan 2017)
(a) Capacity building for IPA II: Training needs analysis, comprehensive training programme for NIPAC services and IPA II Lead Institutions, organisation of study tours and regional seminars;
(b) Support to NIPAC functions: Aligning the NIPAC Secretariat Manual with IPA II requirements (notably the programming and M&E parts); development of a streamlined evaluation and reporting system; development, establishment and maintenance of an online system for the utilisation of IPA II.
EY Belgium / Ministry for EU Affairs, Ankara


Support on EU Fundraising Strategy. Team leader (joint project with Gordana Lazarević), analysis of IPA II / IFI funding resources and implementation capacities for municipal infrastructure investments in the Western Balkans.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.


Organic Agriculture Support Initiative (OASI), Armenia. Design and preparation of project documents for a €3.3m delegated “pillar-assessed” EU ENPI project, implemented by ADA. Review of strategies and action plans, stakeholder workshop.
Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

2010 - 2012

Institutional development and strategic support to the regional development agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije (covering six municipalities in the north-east of Montenegro) - capacity assessment of agency and municipal staff, support to municipalities with applications for EU grant funds, regional analysis and joint development of strategic focus, support with co-ordination, detailed design and implementation of a €1m Austrian Development Co-operation grant scheme, advice to the Ministry of Economy on the decentralisation strategy.
Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije; Berane and Kolašin, Montenegro (under Austrian Development Co-operation funding)

2004 - 2006

Inter-regional Co-operation Support Programme, Serbia and Montenegro. Leader of a team of long and short-term experts to establish a Programme Co-ordination and Management Unit for the Neighbourhood Programmes of Serbia and Montenegro. Assistance with the preparation and implementation of programmes with Hungary (Interreg), Romania (Phare CBC), Bulgaria (Phare CBC) and Italy (Interreg) as well as the transnational CADSES programme (Interreg). All programmes are run as grant schemes. Issues covered include commenting draft Joint Programming Documents and Programme Complements (Interreg), Project Fiches (Phare), application forms and guidelines for applicants; assisting with the transfer of ongoing programmes from CBC to the new Neighbourhood joint management principles, preparing meetings of the joint structures. Information campaign, training of local experts and workshops for applicants. Support with programme implementation and monitoring. Initial support available under CARDS 2004 approx. M€ 6.5.
Ministry for International Economic Relations, Republic of Serbia, Belgrade; ÖIR Managementdienste, Vienna


Multi-annual programming: Development of a framework for a strategic programme approach to Phare for the period 2004-2006. Strategy (programming document), methodology and tools to prioritise pre-accession funds (including selection criteria) and to align the Phare programming cycle with the multi-annual approach for Structural Funds. Amount 920 M€, of which 650 M€ Phare, document approved by the Phare Management Committee in December 2003.
Ministry of Finance of Bulgaria, Sofia; West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham

2002 - 2003

Long-term technical assistance to the Ministry for Regional Development, Prague, in the implementation and further development of the cross-border co-operation programmes with Austria, Germany and Poland (Phare-CBC and transition towards Interreg).
West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham


Feasibility study for the conversion of the border crossing areas Sezana and Vrtojba between Italy and Slovenia (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ljubljana). Detailed regional analysis (approximately 100 interviews) and assessment of transport flows from and development plans of the ports of Rijeka, Koper, Triest and Monfalcone, as well as along the "Pontebbana" (Udine-Villach), the 5th corridor (east of Trieste) and the link Rijeka-Zagreb-Budapest. Description of potential logistics activities. Initiation and strengthening of cross-border co-operation between the Slovenian and Italian sides, particularly in the Trieste region. Investment proposal for two cross-border business incubators and innovation centres. Grants for these proposed projects have been approved by the European Commission from Phare-CBC funds.
West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham


Assessment of the SPP pilot project on a regional innovation and entrepreneurship network in Ida-Virumaa and South-East Estonia.
West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham


Study on the second phase of the Tartu Science Park and on networking of innovation centres. The investment proposals have been implemented.
West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham

2000 - 2001

Programming of Phare 2001 Structural and Cohesion Funds in Bulgaria (team leader)
  • Access roads to sites with tourism potential
  • Establishment of tourism products linked to the reconstruction of cultural monuments
  • Six high-tech incubators
  • SME support programme (advisory services and production technology grants)
  • Social inclusion and training measures
  • Institutional development projects with several ministries
West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham


AGORADA 2000+ - Annual conference of EURADA with presentations and workshops on current and future challenges of Regional Development Agencies


Participation in the international seminar on implementing Structural Funds, Bled/Slovenia


Trainer on urban reconversion, including historic old towns.
EURADA • CDR regional development agency, Setúbal/Portugal
With support from the cities of Kaiserslautern and Görlitz
and Reinhard Suhl project development, Mannheim


Trainer on industrial reconversion
EURADA • PRIMUS development agency, Porto/Portugal
With support from regional development instiutions of the Palatinate


Trainer on science and technology parks
EURADA • Agência de Desinvolvimento do Vale do Ave (Portugal)
With support from BIC Kaiserslautern and Institute for Micro-Technology, Mainz


Co-operation project of "First Class Industrial Parks" in Sweden, Germany, Estonia and Latvia.
  • Establishment of contacts between former military airbases,
  • Concept for a networking project,
  • identification of funding opportunities and application for EU funds, funding from Interreg III B approved.
Söderhamns Komun • Projekt Flygstaden (Sweden);
with support from the Ministry of the Interior, Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz (Germany)

1999 - 2000

EU-Accession Pilot Project Tapa and Paldiski regions, Estonia
  • Regional analyses,
  • Strategy workshops,
  • Feasibiltiy studies for conversion of former military bases into industrial/logistics/technology parks,
  • Study trip to conversion projects in Hungary and Germany
EU-Phare • NEI, Rotterdam • Integration, Frankfurt


Regional analysis and feasibility study for rehabilitating communal infrastructures in the National Park Bojormi/ Kharagauli (Georgia)
KfW, Francfort

1999 - 2000

EU-Accession Pilot Project Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen County, Hungary
  • Regional development
EU-Phare • West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham


Regional development study Jiu Valley, Romania
  • Development strategies,
  • Tourism,
  • Public work programmes,
  • New industrial activities
  • Use of pre-accession funds, investment priorities
EU-Phare • West Midlands Enterprise, Birmingham • Kienbaum, Düsseldorf


Investment promotion concept for Dessau
  • Technical proposal (project awarded)
GOPA, Bad Homburg • Identität & Image, Eggenfelden

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