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Regional Development
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Regions throughout the world are increasingly becoming active players in the global competition for quality of life and investment. Those that succeed generally have a number of qualities to offer that others may lack:
  • an idea of where they are going - a vision
  • close co-operation between communal and regional institutions, universities/research institutions and the private sector
  • sophisticated infrastructures, notably in broadband, which – along with regional networking - enable connectivity
  • effective lobbying of the central Government (notably for investment and research funding)
  • an ability to put themselves on the global "map" - a positive image
  • rapid response to investor requirements
Regiofuturi has been working with and building regional development institutions for more than a decade - in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. On a stand-alone basis or with appropriate partners, we can offer you a comprehensive package for putting your region on the "map" and ensuring it stays there. Services include a free of charge discussion of your requirements, an analysis of strengths and weaknesses (based on comprehensive interviews with regional companies and other actors), discussing findings in a workshop with as many local actors as possible, jointly developing strategies and action plans and helping with implementation - from marketing to setting up technology centres or establishing international partnerships. Identification of EU funds is also possible. All these are tailored to your individual requirements.

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